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Could you be more Pacific?

Could you be more Pacific? Written by Charles Clegg, senior associate Edited by Iain Gibson, associate partner2 February 2021 Good morning, Beyond the overseas territory of the Pitcairn Islands (population: 50), the UK is a distinctly non-Pacific country. The UK government has nevertheless announced its intention to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP): a …

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Ego Italiano

Ego Italiano Written by Charlie Clegg, senior associate  Edited by Iain Gibson, associate partner 27 January 2021 Good morning, In 2017, the world’s oldest woman, Emma Morano, died in the Piedmontese town of Verbania at the age of 117. She had lived through 90 Italian governments. If the intervening four years are anything to go by, a 117-year-old …

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Décor and decorum

Décor and decorum Written by Charlie Clegg, senior associate Edited by David Gaffney, partner22 January 2021 Good morning, I can’t help but admire Joe Biden. I’ve spent six months trying to find a plasterer and he’s redecorated the Oval Office in less than 24 hours. In come busts of Rosa Parks and Cesar Chavez; out go the forces’ flags and the portrait of …

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Richard Leonard bingo

Richard Leonard bingo Written by Charlie Clegg, senior associate Edited by Tom Gillingham, partner 15 January 2021 Good morning, It’s 24 September 2018, and the Scottish Labour leader is about to address his party’s UK conference. I, watching on television in Holyrood’s Tory research office, have prepared a game: Richard Leonard Bingo. I predict he’ll attempt …

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