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Abenomics forever

Abenomics forever Written by Li-Ann Chin, associateEdited by Harriet Moll, creative director17 September 2020 Good morning, Last month, Shinzo Abe, Japan’s longest-serving leader, announced a rather abrupt end to his  career, citing chronic illness as the reason for his resignation. Notorious for his signature brand of Abenomics, Abe’s time in office has been scrutinised by sceptics and believers alike, as he embarked on a series of rather …

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The thorns in our side

The thorns in our side Written by Harriet Moll, creative director 12 September 2020 Good morning, When will there be good news? I’m afraid I can’t answer that this morning, but I hope this week’s mix of reads and listens from a wide variety of sources do at least provide some understanding and insight into some of the thorniest problems we face together as …

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I went viral and here’s what I learned: student finance discriminates

I went viral and here’s what I learned: student finance discriminates Written by Sabina Kadić-Mackenzie, associate partner8 September 2020 There’s a good reason my social media musings have never gone viral before. I post excessive amounts of ‘#nontent’ for one; too many dinners and home décor ideas. I also care far too much about what …

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History shot on the wing

History shot on the wing Written by David Gaffney, partner5 September 2020 Good morning, Great journalism stops us in our tracks. Beyond simply informing us of facts and events we may or may not have been familiar with, like all stories it can elicit strong emotional reactions, making us feel angry, terrified, grateful, hopeless, or …

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Germany’s European opportunity

Germany’s European opportunity Written by Alex Massie3 September 2020 Earlier this summer, as the true depth and scale of the coronavirus emergency became clear, Germany assumed the presidency of the Council of the European Union. This was a coincidence of timing, but a fortuitous one nonetheless for, as chancellor Angela Merkel argued, “Europe needs us, just as we need Europe”. This …

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