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Tech ‘moonshots’ will create national failures as well as champions

Tech ‘moonshots’ will create national failures as well as champions Written by Alex Massie 17 September 2020 Earlier this month, the $40bn sale of ARM, the Cambridge-based technology firm, to the American company Nvidia was confirmed amidst some concern and some controversy. Yet again, it was claimed, a world-leading British firm was being snapped up …

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Testing times

Testing times Written by Adam Shaw, associate partner Edited by Kevin Pringle, partner17 September 2020 Good morning, Often, when a government minister stands at the despatch box, what they are speaking about can be classed as a “bubble” issue – one that is important but is generally of little interest to your average voter. Like the problems …

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Erdogan’s pipe dream

Erdogan’s pipe dream Written by Ralitsa Bobcheva, associate Edited by Harriet Moll, creative director10 September 2020 Good morning, On the 21st of August, national headlines cheered at President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s announcement that Turkey had “made the biggest discovery of natural gas in its history in the Black Sea”. He vowed to launch production by 2023, the 100th anniversary of …

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RM 1,000

RM 1,000 Written by Li-Ann Chin, associate Edited by Adam Shaw, associate partner2 September 2020 Good morning, With a total of 9,306 cases and 125 deaths, Malaysia has done a relatively good job in containing the coronavirus, especially when you consider its proximity to ‘ground zero’ of Covid-19.   However, it has not been without sacrifice. In a bid to control …

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Sleeping at the office

Sleeping in the office Written by Katie Stanton, associate partnerEdited by Iain Gibson, associate partner 30 June 2020 Good morning, For now, I am consumed by my immediate and, more specifically, improving it. I pore over rich, shadowy Farrow & Ball greens for a new, imaginary flat; swiftly assemble my sixth Pinterest board dedicated to …

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Fàilte gu Alba

Fàilte gu Alba Written by Scott Reid, associate partner Edited by Harriet Moll, creative director11 June 2020 Good morning, In its garish kind of way, I always thought the airport arrivals lounge is a pretty good indication of what the country you’ve just landed in considers important. Or at least what it’s trying to sell you. Put …

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