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Li-Ann Chin

The first step for Asia

The first step for Asia Written by Li-Ann Chin, associate Edited by Harriet Moll, creative director19 November 2020 Good morning, Last Sunday marked a momentous occasion as fifteen countries in the Asia-Pacific region converged to sign one of the biggest free trade deals in history, covering 2.2 billion people and 30% of the world’s economic output. As …

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The decision dilemma

The decision dilemma Written by David Gaffney, partner 18 November 2020 Johnson Service Group, a provider of workwear and textiles to the hospitality industry, yesterday became the latest company to yield to the ravaging effects of Covid-19 on its business, announcing more than 1,500 redundancies as the impact of restrictions continues to hamper the sector and its …

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Booktrips Written by Ralitsa Bobcheva, associate Edited by Harriet Moll, creative director17 November 2020 Good morning, In the last couple of months, I’ve travelled the world while lying on the rug on my stomach, first to a Croatian island, thanks to Olga Tokarczuk’s novel Flights and then on to Albania, with Rene Karabash’s Ostajnica. Recognising the increasing number of armchair …

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The great contradiction

The great contradiction Written by Katie Stanton, associate partnerEdited by Kevin Pringle, partner13 November 2020 Good morning, Confusion is a big theme for 2020 – and I have certainly spent considerable time resigned to fuzzy-headedness. Waves of horrible or jarring or delightful news crash in from every direction, one after the other while I lie in …

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President or prince?

President or prince? Written by Kevin Pringle, partner7 November 2020 This week, our eyes were fixed firmly westwards in seeking inspiration for the theme of Read on the Street. Most of the pieces are about different aspects of the United States – the election, history, foreign policy, etc. Watching the drama of the results coming in – …

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