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Li-Ann Chin

India’s shot at diplomacy

India’s shot at diplomacy Written by Li-Ann Chin, associate Edited by Tom Gillingham, associate partner19 February 2021 Good morning, As one of the world’s most in-demand commodities, Covid-19 vaccines appear to have become the latest currency in many nations’ foreign policy approaches. Infamous for its ‘mask diplomacy’ at the start of the pandemic, China moved on to …

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On ‘Global Britain’

On ‘Global Britain’ Written by Alex Massie18 February 2021 Ever since it was first mooted, it has been tempting to greet the government’s oft-proclaimed belief in ‘Global Britain’ with nothing more – or less – than sardonic laughter. Was this not proof of Britain’s delusions? Was there not something simultaneously puffed-up and nostalgic about it? …

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Hold the champagne

Hold the champagne Written by Li-Ann Chin, associate Edited by Kevin Pringle, partner8 February 2021 Good morning, For those in search of optimism, a statement from Andrew Bailey, Bank of England governor last week provided brief respite. With more than 10 million people vaccinated so far, the bank predicts that a “rapid” Covid recovery is likely in the …

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A new modi of protesting

A new modi of protesting Written by Katie Armour, senior associate Edited by Iain Gibson, associate partner5 February 2021 Good morning, Rihanna is an unlikely news source for agricultural developments in the northern provinces of India. But this week, she was just that. Several hundred thousand farmers have been camped on the outskirts of Delhi since …

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Big tech energy

Big tech energy Written by Alex Massie4 February 2021 On 5 February 1994, Carl Bildt, then the prime minister of Sweden, wrote to President Bill Clinton to congratulate him on his decision to end the United States’ trade embargo on Vietnam. The true significance of this otherwise commonplace missive was, as Bildt recognised, that it …

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Don’t cry for me, Myanmar

Don’t cry for me, Myanmar Written by Li-Ann Chin, associate Edited by Kevin Pringle, partner3 February 2021 Good morning, A decade after the junta’s end, Myanmar’s military has seized power in a coup and declared a state of emergency, detaining Aung San Suu Kyi and other senior politicians from the ruling party. An announcement broadcast on military-owned Myawaddy …

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