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Ralitsa Bobcheva

Look around

Look around Written by Kevin Pringle, partner12 December 2020 With attention fixed on the UK’s relationship with Europe this weekend, Read on the Street takes a broadly international focus, looking above and beyond our present situation. Whatever happens to the future of this planet depends on decisions taken now, and the only thing we know for sure …

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Together, apart

Together, apart Written by Ralitsa Bobcheva, associateEdited by David Gaffney, partner7 December 2020 Good morning, Festive spirit, movie marathons and flashing lights aside, like many of us I’ve always looked forward to the lull of the winter holidays primarily for the rare opportunity it provides to spend more time with my family and friends.  Yesterday, a new poll by The …

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Planning to recover

Planning to recover Written by Alex Massie 3 December 2020 The British government has not shone during this emergency, but even those disposed to thinking it uncommonly incompetent might pause to consider that in at least one area it appears to have performed admirably. The government’s ‘vaccine taskforce’ has successfully ordered significant supplies of multiple …

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Let IT be

Let IT be Written by Ralitsa Bobcheva, associate Edited by Harriet Moll, partner2 December 2020 Good morning, Over the last nine months, we have seen a new form of inequality reveal itself before our eyes: the digital divide. Even before the pandemic highlighted the need for elevating the role of digital in driving economic growth, the …

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All change please

All change please Written by Katie Stanton, associate partnerEdited by Harriet Moll, creative director30 November 2020 Good morning, The times they are a’changin, and nowhere more than on Britain’s high streets. A quick trot into the city centre closest to you will probably be a bit shocking; London is all shutters, boards, To Let signs and …

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All the right moves

All the right moves Written by  Ralitsa Bobcheva, associate Edited by Katie Stanton, associate partner 26 November 2020 Good morning, At first glance, The Queen’s Gambit – now Netflix’s most popular scripted series ever – didn’t appeal. The plot centres on an orphaned chess prodigy and her journey to becoming the world’s greatest player while navigating …

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