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Budget carrots

Budget carrots Written by Alex Massie4 March 2021 Before Rishi Sunak delivered his budget on Wednesday – an event that has lost some of its salience in Scotland since the devolution of income tax responsibilities to Holyrood, but which still produces the climate within which the Scottish government is able to make its own weather …

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On ‘Global Britain’

On ‘Global Britain’ Written by Alex Massie18 February 2021 Ever since it was first mooted, it has been tempting to greet the government’s oft-proclaimed belief in ‘Global Britain’ with nothing more – or less – than sardonic laughter. Was this not proof of Britain’s delusions? Was there not something simultaneously puffed-up and nostalgic about it? …

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Big tech energy

Big tech energy Written by Alex Massie4 February 2021 On 5 February 1994, Carl Bildt, then the prime minister of Sweden, wrote to President Bill Clinton to congratulate him on his decision to end the United States’ trade embargo on Vietnam. The true significance of this otherwise commonplace missive was, as Bildt recognised, that it …

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A world of wonder

A world of wonder Written by Alex Massie14 January 2021 These are gloomy, fretful, times but while it is easy to be swaddled in melancholy just now, there are, despite everything, reasons to be cheerful. The news is not all bleak. To take but one illuminating example, Science reported last week that a major breakthrough in the …

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