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A woman’s world

A woman’s world Written by Katie Armour, Li-Ann Chin, Ralitsa Bobcheva, Maria Julia Pieracioni  5 March 2021 In 1910 Clara Zetkin attended a conference for working women in Copenhagen. Clara was a feminist, a universal suffrage campaigner and “the grandmother of German communism”. There were 100 women in attendance at the gathering from 17 different countries, …

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How are you?

How are you? Written by Malcolm Robertson, founding partner19 February 2021 As the face appears and the audio is connected, the digitised face I see before me invariably then asks: “how are you?”  In Scotland, at the best of times, we are conditioned to say: “not bad”, which we believe sounds better than “not good” …

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Where is home?

Where is home? Written by Malcolm Robertson, founding partner 16 January 2020 For many of us, this seemingly endless period of relative isolation has provided time to think about what matters and – perhaps more importantly – what does not. I am lucky enough to live in Edinburgh, one of the world’s great cities. But I …

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Is It Tomorrow Yet?

Is it tomorrow yet? Written by David Gaffney, partner9 January 2020 In his extended essay on Covid-19, Is It Tomorrow Yet?, the Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev observes judiciously how “the strangeness of the pandemic experience is that everything changes but nothing happens”. Many of us returned to work (or, at least, reopened laptops at home) this week …

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