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Context, counsel and communications

We will work with your executive team or your communications function to provide a high-quality service to your business, across all communications – internal and external.

Our team has experience of leading and working in some of the most demanding in-house communications teams in the UK, as well as acting as external advisors to global brands and institutions. Whatever the challenge, we always think from our clients’ perspective.

We offer a full range of communications services and are skilled advisors in communications, reputation and brand management, crisis and special situations, employee engagement and media and political relations. We work with a number of senior and highly experienced individuals as consulting partners bringing special areas of expertise, experience and focus to our client work.

Crisis preparation and response

  • Media relations and media training
  • Outsourced press office and comms team

Nobody wants to be caught up in a crisis, but even with the best preparation and procedure in place, it’s not always possible to avoid circumstances that will threaten your reputation. Reputations can be earned or destroyed during a crisis and the manner in which they unfold is not always within your control. When things go wrong, it is not only clients and consumers who are watching and passing judgement on your response. Regulators are increasingly interventionist in their approach to ensuring firms are taking the necessary precautions and preparing themselves properly for unexpected events.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) have made clear that they expect firms to proactively identify, test and revise the relevant people, process, and system capabilities which mitigate harm in the event of an incident.  Between us, we’ve experienced the biggest reputational crises of the last 20 years. From the financial crash to terrorist attacks, industrial accidents to environmental protests, severe weather events to corporate failures, we have first-hand experience of managing challenging issues. Not only can we help you plan for potential crises by providing realistic training sessions and putting effective processes in place, we can react quickly to provide hands-on support and advice as you manage a crisis in real time.   

Financial communications and investor relations

  • Investor perception surveys
  • Capital markets
  • Economic analysis and advice
  • Fundraising, transactions and IPOs

If you spend a lot of time reading financial results statements and company annual reports, you’ll know that financial communications aren’t always as clear as they might be. Jargon is rife. Our job is to make sure firms’ financial communications are transparent, comprehensible, and engaging. We work closely with other advisors and in-house teams to ensure your investment case and key messages are effectively communicated to your constituent audiences through the most effective channels. We will also manage your key financial events, from AGMs to investor webinars and capital markets days, with our eyes always fixed on managing your long-term reputation with the stakeholders that matter.

Corporate communications

  • Corporate and financial comms
  • Opinion research
  • Employee engagement and comms strategy
  • Senior counsel

Our team will work alongside analysts to make sure that your investment rationale and key messages are being communicated effectively. In the past we have organised conferences and investor events bringing together a number of people with industry experience, helping the companies we work with establish better relationships with them. At the same time, we will assist you in preparing for these events, by identifying and developing the key messages and assembling the presentations and other investor materials.

Political and regulatory advice

  • Select committee preparation 
  • Healthcare comms
  • Litigation and legal comms
  • Political and regulatory affairs 

Charlotte Street Partners helps clients to navigate the complex, shifting world of public affairs. We advise businesses and organisations on anticipating and managing change, advising on intelligent and relevant ways to communicate your perspective, pressures and value. We won’t meet politicians on your behalf, but we will advise you on who you should be talking to and how best to get your message across effectively. We can help you prepare for meetings, campaigns, and giving evidence to committees, putting you through your paces in one of our mock committee sessions. We won’t be afraid to challenge your views, share our experience, or offer a different opinion – but we won’t ever speak on your behalf.

Sustainability and ESG strategy

  • Sustainability, purpose and culture strategy 

Sustainability is about your long-term reputation, viability, and the bottom line. We can help you look to the future with confidence by identifying areas of risk and opportunity in your business, from supply chains to wellness policies. We can carry out research and build insight to help you understand your current position, then support you to make the changes you need to build a more sustainable business. Our sustainability work feeds neatly into almost every area of your communications and compliance effort, as well as encompassing more targeted, specific campaigns across the breadth of ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues. 

Executive coaching and counsel

  • Long-term reputation management
  • Select committee preparation
  • Senior counsel 
  • Media relations and media training

We are proud to be able to support the growth and development of some of the country’s most successful executives and leadership teams. From media training to strategy workshops, speech writing and all the long and sometimes difficult conversations in between, we work directly with the most senior people in any organisation.

In a climate of intense political and corporate mistrust, the public has high expectations of its leaders and is quick to judge, both in terms of your personal and professional decisions and your ability to adapt quickly to meet the unique challenges of our times. Chief executives and other senior leaders are judged increasingly on their ability and willingness to communicate clearly. Every leader benefits from the support of mentors and advisors in managing long-term reputation, negotiating difficult decisions, and instilling confidence in your most important stakeholders. Providing that counsel is one of the most rewarding aspects of our job.

Digital and creative

  • Social Media and digital comms
  • Artwork and creative collateral (print and digital)
  • Web design and construction

Digital strategy is an integral part of any modern communications function and we’ll make sure you don’t leave your digital communications out on a limb. We will work with you to build your own unique and appropriate presence online, aligning it to your long-term reputation and brand management. Our design team can also bring a fresh eye to your brand by creating illustrations, motion graphics and social media imagery, as well as bespoke reports and presentations adhering to your brand guidelines. And if you don’t have brand guidelines, we can create them for you too. Our creative director, Harriet Moll, is experienced in producing documentaries and news for some of the world’s biggest TV networks, so we are experts in producing corporate videos across a range of subjects. The creative possibilities are endless. 

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