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Written below is useful information to keep in mind when briefing our designer to create your website.


1: If you’re fully set on the details and have all the content written, revisions will likely be minimal. But if you’re unsure of what you’re going for, it can take some time and lots of iterations to get to where you want to be.

note: If you’re unsure of what you want our designer can create 3 options for you to pick from. 

2: The more thorough you are in your request, the easier it is to get it right on the first draft.

3: Depending on what features you want on your website we may need to purchase additional plug-ins, images and video. We will only purchase assets for you with permission, and will certainly not spring the charge on you in the final invoice. 

4: On request, our designer can provide a listing on time she spent creating each piece of design work made for you

5: Design is built around content,  not vice versa.

Questions our designer is likely to ask you

1: Do you have high res logos ready for use? 

2: Do you have a brand guide showing fonts, colors, and styles? 

3: Do you have all the copy written and in a usable format like a Word doc?

4: Can you provide me high resolution images you need to include?

Graphic features you may want to include in your website

1: Motion graphics 

2: Animated icons

3: Infographics

4: Custom artwork/ illustration

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